Table talks (Tischreden) uttered by Martin Luther during house disputes with friends

Who would Martin Luther have been, if not for the fortune of his wife “Lady Catherine”? Why is original sin like a beard?” What do the Pope’s views have in common with “donkey’s poop”? Can “frolics in bed” save the world? These and other questions were answered by Krzysztof and Aleksander Rzońca during their lecture in the Lutheran Church of Divine Providence in Wroclaw.

On Wednesday, May 10, the participants of the lecture could find out quite different views than the official face of the Father of the Reformation.

The last 20 years of Martin Luther’s life resulted in nearly 6,000 “table talks” which were noted by his friends. They were light, spontaneous statements often containing colloquial or even broad expressions and phrases. Edited by Johan Aurifaber and now translated into Polish they are an extremely valuable source for researchers of the Reformer’s ethics. These statements are also an interesting reading for all who are interested in Luther himself as well as the atmosphere of his meetings with friends and the social situation and times when he lived.