What do we associate freedom with?

On July 7, there was an online lecture by the EST Rector Wojciech Szczerba devoted to the topic of freedom. It was part of the regular #EWSTonline series and it touched upon the philosophical aspects of freedom. 

The EST Rector explained common understanding and beliefs connected to freedom but he also presented various perceptions and the importance of freedom as seen by philosophers, theologians and artists over the centuries. It was by sheer coincidence but at present, it seems a particularly crucial issue, since on July 12 there was the 2nd round of the presidential election in Poland. The importance of this election is underlined by many and it will certainly have an impact on the future of Poland.

Also, on July 7, there was a very important event at EST – the very first online BA thesis defense. It took place ultimately by means of the Internet. Obviously, the graduate, Jadwiga Rymorz, was a little nervous but everything went well and she made it. This is how she recollects the experience: “The atmosphere during defense was fantastic. It was a great, emotional experience for me. It was a time of conversations with professors who deal with what is essential in the life of a Christian on a daily basis. I am very happy that I was able to experience this and that the computer did not bother me with anything… Maybe I just missed a heartfelt handshake at the end, but I think I can make up for it during the graduation ceremony :)”

Apart from these events, last week, the academic year ended for senior citizens from the Academy of the Third Age. It also took place via the Internet and as many as six online lectures could happen this way. Evidently, the lectures could reach a much larger audience and not only limited to seniors but to everybody interested in the topics discussed. They were: “The Church and Power as Seen by the Apostle Paul”, “Jewish Haskala”, “The Psychology of Health and Disease. How to Help Yourself and Your Loved Ones in Difficult Life Experiences”, “About the History of Warsaw Lutheranism: the Figures of Karol August Freyer and Oskar Kolberg”, “Hope or Ballast? Let’s Talk about Religion in Non-Religious Times”, “Just for Seniors – the Shades and Shadows of Offers Addressed for Mature People”. These recorded lectures are available to everyone on the EST channel on You Tube.

Please pray for:

  1. The election of Andrzej Duda as president of Poland on July 12. Pray that President Duda will fulfill his role in the best way possible.
  2. Unity in the Polish Church and society. Let the divisions and animosities that have been deepened over the last years diminish and no longer determine the public sphere in Poland.
  3. Safety for everybody enjoying the holidays and a time of relaxation.