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Changes in Poland

After three months of lockdown, the restrictions and limitations concerning social reality are beginning to be eased in Poland. Obviously, there are still rules regulating one’s presence when shopping in stores, going to offices, etc. but the restrictions have lessened to some extent. Masks are no longer required when outside but social distancing is still encouraged. Więcej >>

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Working online, being together

Last weekend EWST conducted students’ exams online – for the first time in our history. During the week, there were also very interesting events – the series of interviews carried out by Dr. Wojciech Szczerba, the president of EST, under the common title “Christianity in the Age of Anxiety”. Więcej >>

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Lectures, meetings, interviews – EST thrives online

Expanding EST online activities, we organized three various online events the week of June 1-5, 2020. They were dedicated to different themes and addressed to various participants. Thus, quite a big number of individuals had the opportunity to get to know about Evangelical School of Theology. Więcej >>

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Limit yourself, feed people in need

Last week, two events were held by the Institute of Church Development at the EST channels (ZOOM, YouTube). They were concerned with the issue of minimalism, which nowadays seems particularly crucial. The first one was a lecture by EST Professor Piotr Lorek, which was devoted to the “spiritual” minimalism. The second one was an interview with Konrad Mielcarek, an author of a blog concerned with the theme of Christian minimalism. Więcej >>

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Being together during social distancing time

The Evangelical School of Theology, which is constituted by students, lecturers and administrative staff, is a community of people who stay in friendly relationships with each other. For the EST students, common Sunday services and prayer as well as spending time together are completely natural. During this difficult time, the students and the EST staff have kept in touch with each other via social media, e-mail and telephone contact. Więcej >>

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EWST ONLINE: Open classes at the Evangelical School of Theology

The current situation is challenging but also presents new opportunities. Therefore, we decided to employ the tools we are currently using to conduct classes with students to create a program under the common slogan “EWST online”. As part of it, lecturers of the Evangelical School of Theology and guests will lead a variety of subjects and themes open for everyone. Więcej >>