John Amos Comenius in Poland

“John Amos Comenius in Poland” was the title of a lecture by Manfred Richter, which was held on May 9 in the Lutheran Church of Divine Providence in Wrocław.

The lecture turned out to be a dialogue, while the lecturer and the translator talked about the famous Czech teacher and reformer for about an hour, interweaving their story with anecdotes and interesting digressions. Of course, there were also facts. Comenius and Polish threads connected to him are well known to Professor Manfred Richter, the author of the book “Jan Amos Komenský. The Outline of his Life and Activities”.

Professor Bogusław Milerski wrote in the introduction to the publication, “Thanks to the biography by Richter, we get to know Comenius not only as a Protestant theologian, pedagogue, and a church, educational and political activist, but also as a responsible citizen of the Republic of Poland and a great European who believed in the possibility of integrating the human community”. The participants of the meeting could see this for themselves. The high substantive level of the lecture was the sum of the author’s vast knowledge, his excellent understanding with the translator, Mr. Janusz Witt (who also showed great knowledge of the subject adding a lot of curiosities), and genuine interest in the audience.

At the end of the lecture, there were questions, requests to supplement the information provided and to sign books that some of the participants had with them.