2010 Conferences, Lectures, Workshops


May 2010 – Meeting with Janina Ochojska: In May 2010, EST hosted Janina Ochojska. She is the founder of Polish Humanitarian Organization and very deeply engaged in charitable actions all over the world. The meeting was devoted to the problem of helping people with various needs. Joanna Ochojska told about her own experiences in charitable actions and gave wise advice for providing assistance. Comments from two of the participants:





“I am a person very engaged in volunteer work and I would like to cooperate with non-governmental organizations in the future. This meeting was for me a very special event and an inspiration for further charity work. The message that we should have big dreams and not fear to realize them is very close to my own personal thinking.” (Anna Kucharska)


“The meeting with Janina Ochojska was a very special experience for me. Her passion and engagement in charitable work encouraged not only me, but also many participants, to help people in multi-aspect dimension.” (Joanna Matusiak-Nikiel)



October 2010 – Creationist conference: The theme of the seminar was Intelligent Design, hosted by the EST School of Christian Apologetics. The speaker was Dr Geoff Bernard, an eminent scientist from the UK. Dr. Bernard is a lecturer and research fellow of the Institute of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Cambridge. He has a doctorate in biochemistry and a master’s degree in theology. He is also a lecturer at several other universities in the UK and the Weizmann Institute in Israel and a former employee of the team investigating the BSE virus responsible for “mad cow” disease.






October 23-31, 2010 – Days of Reformation: This was a special event that EST helped to organize along with other churches in Wroclaw. The focus of the event was to remind the citizens of Wroclaw that the motivation of the reformation movement in the 16th century was the need to return to the Christian faith and also have an attitude of authentic care for other people. During the Days of Reformation there were concerts, ecumenical services, seminars and a movie. Also, there was the dedication of a wall relief of Dietrich Bonhoeffer in the Wroclaw City Hall. Dr. Bonhoeffer was born in Breslau, Germany (now Wroclaw, Poland). The Nazis executed Dr. Bonhoeffer in April 1945, at the age of 39. (Photo: Dr. Joel Burnell, EST lecturer and Dr. Wojciech Szczerba, EST Rector at the dedication for Dr. Bonhoeffer.)





December 2010 –Christian Leader as Coach : As a result of the  excellent and inspiring lectures on Christian coaching by Dr. Gary Collins in 2009, EST organized another conference in December 2010. This conference was presented at EST in cooperation with the Christian Foundation “Proca” from Warsaw, which is professional, accredited by the International Coach Federation and presents workshops on Christian coaching. The lectures and workshops offered training for Christian leaders, both clergy and laity, and anyone planning to use coaching in churches, Christian organizations, and in team building, as well as others who were interested in personal and professional development.




Happy Easter 2024

Easter is the time of the victory of Life over death, Light over darkness, Joy over sadness. May the celebration of Christ’s resurrection bring us peace, joy, and hope.

Mayor of Wroclaw visited EST

“When I leave Wroclaw, I want to return after a few days. This is where I belong,” said Jacek Sutryk, the mayor of Wroclaw, during a meeting at the Evangelical School of Theology.

EST continues to support Ukraine

We are very pleased to announce that another aid campaign initiated and co-organized by the Evangelical School of Theology has just been carried out. For the fourth time, we finalized the transportation of another large batch of clothes, mainly jackets and winter clothes to the territory of Ukraine. This time, more than 13,000 pieces of […]

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