XXII Lower Silesian Science Festival and Senior Days 2019 at EWST

Something for the body, something for the spirit, and a lot for the environment and for entertainment – this is the plan for meetings that will take place on September 20 at EWST as part of the 22nd Lower Silesian Science Festival and Senior Days 2019.

The Evangelical University of Theology once again participates in the Lower Silesian Science Festival and the Senior Days. The program prepared this year is associated with the main theme the Lower Silesian Science Festival – “Mathematics mediates between the spirit and the body”.

Before noon, everyone interested in the subject of environmental protection and ecological lifestyle is invited to the meeting ‘Ecology – God’s equation’ and ‘Ecological Round Table. As a part of it, we will deal with a topic that should be close to everyone.

The fragile ecological balance of the earth is a kind of equation in which entering the wrong variables can result in a catastrophe. During the meeting, we want to show in various ways what impact human activities have on this balance and what we can do here and now to ensure ecological sustainability.

As part of it, we anticipate intergenerational ecological workshops and a panel discussion under the slogan “Ecological Round Table”, with the participation of representatives of ecological organizations, municipal and state institutions, non-governmental organizations, youth and seniors.

The result of our meeting will be good practices for individuals / households, institutions and companies as well as for the city.

Mam Teatr

In the evening, we will once again be hosting the “Mam Teatr” group, this time with the comedy performance “Afternoon Tea”.

What happens when we are young at heart but the body is getting old? Marzanna Graff and Aleksander Mikołajczak will try to answer this question. Good fun guaranteed and lots of topics for reflection.

We invite viewers of all ages! Free admission.