Post-Pandemic Reality – Time for New Opportunities?

This week, there was one of those events that would never occur if it had not been indirectly caused by the pandemic. The lecture in the EST online series was led by Dr. Kazimierz Bem, a Doctor of Law, theologian and Evangelical Pastor living permanently in the United States.

Obviously, the lecture took place through the ZOOM platform and the audience included individuals from various backgrounds. What is more interesting, Dr. Kazimierz Bem talked about unknown people and places in Wroclaw connected with Calvinism in Poland, the USA and all over the world. He told about the famous Calvinists of Wroclaw, among others, Zachary Ursinus and Friedrich Schleiermacher. After the lecture, he answered many questions asked by the participants. Thus, a specialist in some area may serve with his knowledge to a group of people staying in the antipodes.

Another very interesting online event, which gathered a lot of participants and caused numerous positive comments and reactions on Facebook, was the interview with Pastor Radek Grygoruk. Pastor Radek Grygoruk is a Pastor of the Pentecostal Church “The Rock” in Wroclaw and production director of Slot Art Festival – a huge missionary festival, which is addressed mainly for young people. Also, Pastor Radek Grygoruk has been involved in numerous cultural, social and religious life of the city of Wroclaw for years. During the interview, he answered difficult and provocative questions like, among others, Is the Church supposed to live its life or get actively involved in the city life? Should Pastors acquire theological knowledge, which is perceived by some conservative church leaders as unnecessary or even harmful? What is the role of the church in difficult times? Pastor Radek Grygoruk proves his pastoral heart for the lost, organizing “Prayer Walks”. Together with a group of individuals from his church, he offers prayer and shares the Gospel to everyone who is willing to benefit from it in the streets of Wroclaw. He told about these “Prayer Walks” and shared wonderful stories of conversion during the interview. The conversation was moderated by EST Chancellor Marek Kucharski and took place as a part of the cycle “New Challenges – We are not Giving up”.

Please pray for:

    1. Hope beyond fear for everyone touched by the tough situation caused by the pandemic. Let the weak and fearful get strength and be touched with the power of the Holy Spirit.
    2. Those who lost job due to the pandemic. Let them find positive aspects and find another one quickly.
    3. Let us learn how to stay thankful and joyful despite the difficult times, according to what Apostle Paul wrote in 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18: “Rejoice always,pray continually,give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”