Active summertime in EWST

During the summer holidays, we are running the EWST online series, which is quite popular. Listeners join the meetings on Zoom and watch our live broadcasts on Facebook. All meetings end with a joint discussion/exchange of views along with a live Question and Answer session involving the viewers.

The topics of the recent meetings have been:

  • Philosophical colors of freedom – postcards from the edge – Plato. Meeting with Prof. Wojciech Szczerba was dedicated to freedom and its understanding by the ancient as well as modern-day society.
  • A barrier or a bridge? The language of the evangelical narrative (Joanna Gacka) – during the meeting we talked about the language of evangelical Christians in Poland and the problems related to the proper understanding of the biblical message.
  • Greek symposiums and Christian agape. During the lecture, Prof. Kalina Wojciechowska spoke about joint meetings and meals, which in antiquity took place in both pagan and Christian circles. What were they characterized by and what were the differences between the two types of gatherings?

EWST lecturers and students are on summer vacation, where they rejuvenate their strength for the upcoming 2020/21 academic year.

The EWST administrative staff is preparing for recruitment interviews, which will take place in September and October. Every Saturday in September and part of Saturday in October, there will be online interviews for candidates wishing to study theology at EWST.

Two videos have already been made encouraging potential candidates to study at EWST. One was recorded by our students and the other was recorded by our alumni. Both are available on the EWST YouTube channel, with English subtitles.

On August 2-4, the President of EWST, Prof. Wojciech Szczerba was present at the promotional trip in Kielce. There he also observed the activities/work of the Evangelical Methodist Church.

On August 9, President Szczerba visited the Pentecostal Church in Jelenia Góra where he gave a very interesting lecture for the church community.

Prayer requests:
  • For the duration of summer holidays: for a safe and sound rest for EWST teachers and students.
  • For upcoming EWST recruitment interviews: for the courage and willingness to undertake theological studies: for those who feel the need to learn about God and the saving work of Jesus Christ.
  • For the upcoming academic year preparations: although there is an uncertain future ahead and we are not sure whether we will be able to meet at our university physically or only online.
  • For the wisdom of the EWST governing body: that they make reasonable decisions in connection with the upcoming start of the new school/academic year.
  • For the safe return of students to schools and college students to universities as well as the adaptation to the new reality regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.