Christmas 2020 in EST

The season of Christmas is a very special time of the year. This is the time when we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ and reflect upon this act of His unconditional love for us. Hence, we want to share the love he showed us with others.

Every year, before Christmas, Evangelical School of Theology staff members support a charity organization as an expression of this love. This year, we supported the Dignum Foundation which cares for elderly people who live on their own and without any support from family or state organizations. One of the people that the foundation takes care of is Mrs. Maria, an 84-year-old lady who lives alone in poverty. Her husband and two sons died many years ago and her only companion is her dog. As the foundation director stated, apart from an extremely low standard of life, she suffers from loneliness the most.

The EST community bought practical presents, e.g. canned food, warm clothes and shoes, blankets and cleaning products as well as food for her dog. It was wonderful to watch Mrs. Maria’s enjoyment as she opened the gifts, which obviously made her happy. She stated she had never been given so many nice gifts. Hopefully, we will cooperate with the Dignum Foundation in the future.

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Another traditional event at EST is the Christmas meeting dedicated to EST staff and faculty. For obvious reasons, it could not take place  as in the past but we met online via ZOOM platform. It was a wonderful occasion to spend some time together, share some Christmas stories, and pray. Everybody got their Christmas gift with some nice snack foods before the meeting, so that we could taste it together like we used to do before the pandemic. It was also a time of celebration, as the Rector’s awards were given for the most deserving academic and administrative workers. Also, we celebrated the birthdays of some members of EST staff.

Thus, we have almost reached the end of the 2020 year, which was full of challenges and difficulties but thanks to God’s grace we overcame them. We are thankful and pray for a great 2021 year for all EST students, friends and the community of Evangelical School of Theology.

Merry Christmas 2020!

Please pray for:

  1. Maria and elderly people who will spend Christmas alone. Let them experience the supernatural presence of God in their lives.
  2. EST staff, students and friends. Let them spend Christmas resting and enjoying the time with family, friends and refreshing their relationships with God.
  3. The difficult situation connected to the pandemic in Poland and in the world. Let the persons and families, which suffer from the results of it, find consolation during Christmas Let the social, economic and political situation come back to normality soon.