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Summer Holidays at Last!

Despite the fact that we are in the midst of summer holidays and EST staff members are taking their holidays at various times, the promotion team members are working hard to promote the Evangelical School of Theology in Poland and abroad alike. Więcej >>

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What do we associate freedom with?

On July 7, there was an online lecture by the EST Rector Wojciech Szczerba devoted to the topic of freedom. It was part of the regular #EWSTonline series and it touched upon the philosophical aspects of freedom.  Więcej >>

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How to get through life’s storms?

This week was exceptional for EST staff in many ways. On June 30, EST staff had a planning meeting, obviously with necessary precautionary measures. We had the opportunity to look closer at the present situation, analyze it, discuss it and decide on the necessary changes. But first of all, we had the opportunity to talk face to face and spend some time together not only virtually. It was a very nice meeting. Więcej >>

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Post-Pandemic Reality – Time for New Opportunities?

This week, there was one of those events that would never occur if it had not been indirectly caused by the pandemic. The lecture in the EST online series was led by Dr. Kazimierz Bem, a Doctor of Law, theologian and Evangelical Pastor living permanently in the United States. Więcej >>

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Changes in Poland

After three months of lockdown, the restrictions and limitations concerning social reality are beginning to be eased in Poland. Obviously, there are still rules regulating one’s presence when shopping in stores, going to offices, etc. but the restrictions have lessened to some extent. Masks are no longer required when outside but social distancing is still encouraged. Więcej >>

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Working online, being together

Last weekend EWST conducted students’ exams online – for the first time in our history. During the week, there were also very interesting events – the series of interviews carried out by Dr. Wojciech Szczerba, the president of EST, under the common title “Christianity in the Age of Anxiety”. Więcej >>

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