The First Bachelor’s Thesis in English at EST

Juan Gabriel Calderon joined the growing group of EWST graduates. He was the first to write and defend his BA thesis in English. Congratulations!

Will everyone be saved, or just a select few? What role does the sovereign decision of God play in  salvation, and what role does human free will play? These issues were the subject of lively discussion during Juan Gabriel Calderon’s thesis defense. It was not only the first in the history of EST bachelor’s thesis written in English. but also the first diploma exam held in this language. 

The work entitled “Molinism – the Biblical Validity and Practical Application in the Christian Life” combined a theological analysis of three soteriological models (Orthodox Calvinism, Arminianism, and (as the title declares) declares Molinism), and showed some of their practical consequences. While discussing these three soteriological models, the author also considered the historical and biographical context of their origins and their respective biblical foundations. 

It couldn’t have been otherwise: Gabriel received the highest grades for his BA thesis and diploma exam. Congratulations!