EST at the Conference on Training Church Leaders in Panama City

On November 12, 2023, the GProCongress II began in Panama City. EST Rector Wojciech Szczerba and EST Chancellor Marek Kucharski actively participate in this event.

This year’s congress theme is “Multiplying the Quantity and Quality of Trainers of Pastors”. The organizers emphasize the importance of diverse, reliable, up-to-date, and widely accessible education directed at pastors and leaders. Thus, the congress aims to shift the focus from increasing the number of people involved in pastors’ training to increasing the quality of the programs offered by the educators and developing trainers’ competencies. According to the organizers, this approach will make it possible to meet the training and education needs of pastors and leaders more quickly and less expensively, especially in churches that are not developed yet.

The event features trainers, educators, and mentors of church leaders, working in both formal and informal frameworks. The Evangelical School of Theology as one of the most important centers for pastor’s education in Poland is represented by Rector Wojciech Szczerba and Chancellor Marek Kucharski, who actively participate in the congress events.

For details on the conference and GProCongress activities, visit https://www.gprocongress.org/