EST continues to support Ukraine

We are very pleased to announce that another aid campaign initiated and co-organized by the Evangelical School of Theology has just been carried out. For the fourth time, we finalized the transportation of another large batch of clothes, mainly jackets and winter clothes to the territory of Ukraine. This time, more than 13,000 pieces of clothing were donated to the needy.

The clothes were donated by Berne Apparel Company from the USA, and thanks to the cooperation with the CHOPS Foundation, we were able to transport them from Poland to Ukraine.

The items were distributed mainly in the following cities: Kharkiv, Donetsk, Slovansk and Kiev. The aid primarily reached families who had fled the war zones. All items are new and high quality products.

Taking into account that winter weather conditions are very harsh in Ukraine, the clothes are invaluable assistance. Besides, the clothing provides relief, since many families have lost almost all of their belongings as a result of fleeing armed conflict.

We express our deep gratitude to the generous donors and the CHOPS Foundation for the cooperation, which made it possible to organize and successfully carry out an initiative that improves living conditions and gives support to the most vulnerable ones – mostly women, children and the elderly.

In Poland, we observe the situation in Ukraine closely and we see how much any kind of help is needed. Acting together in Christian unity and being led by Christian love, we may ease the pain and comfort the suffering ones.