Mayor of Wroclaw visited EST

“When I leave Wroclaw, I want to return after a few days. This is where I belong,” said Jacek Sutryk, the mayor of Wroclaw, during a meeting at the Evangelical School of Theology.

The theme of the meeting was “Let’s talk about Wroclaw,” and we talked to Jacek Sutryk about Wroclaw from his perspective. The mayor talked about growing up in Krzyki, his longing for Wroclaw during his studies in Warsaw, his path to being the mayor, noticing and responding to residents’ problems, and the daily difficulties connected to holding such an important position. He also stressed the importance of Protestant cultural and social heritage to Wroclaw.

As usual, we also let the participants ask their questions by themselves. In this part, many important issues were discussed, such as upcoming investments, public transportation, accessibility of the city for people with disabilities, or issues important to particular city quarters.

After the official part of the meeting, the behind-the-scenes discussion continued for a long time. The assembled guests participated in it, including the mayor himself, representatives of city institutions, academic centers, churches, and many residents of Wroclaw.

The event was organized by the Evangelical School of Theology and was held as part of the Salon of Mutual Respect series and the Academy of the Third Age.