Mid 1980’s

Dr. Zygmunt Karel and Dr. Mark Young worked together in Poland to design and develop an interdenominational school of theology.  It was the first of its kind in Poland – a school that would minister among Poles in the Polish language to serve and strengthen the evangelical movement in Poland.

October 1990

Biblical Theological Seminary. The first group of 18 students began their studies in Wroclaw in space rented from a local church. Since then several hundred students have studied at the school and participated in various programs and projects.

Mid 1990’s

Graduates from the first group of students at the school became involved in church planting, pursuit of advanced education, and foreign missions.

September 2001

The school moved into a newly renovated historical building near the center of Wroclaw.

April 2005—August 2005

EST submitted its application for national accreditation with the Polish Ministry of Education. The name of the school was changed from Biblical Theological Seminary to Evangelical School of Theology.

October 2006

Final documents were signed by the Polish Minister of Education allowing EST to be officially recognized as an accredited school of higher education. EST is the first private, non-denominational school in Poland to receive national accreditation from the Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

February 2007

EST began its first semester as an accredited school.

October 2007 – June 2008

EST continued with the accredited B.A. program and added new programs and courses: E-learning, Academy of Third Age (for men and women 50+), School of Biblical Languages, Spirituality and Art, Christian Counseling, and Events for Pastors.

May 2009

EST organized the first week-long Festival of Protestant Culture, sponsored by the city government, and involving many churches, fellowships, schools and organizations.  The program included lectures, presentations, concerts, and tours of Wroclaw.

September 2009 to 2014

Establishment and development of the EST Educational Center to become a multi-faceted school that provides programs and courses designed to equip people who are already in ministry, to attract people for broader theological studies, to train Christian leaders, to be involved in theological research and to create evangelical culture/ethos within Polish society.

April 2014

Official recognition of the EST Educational Center, which currently offers an accredited B.A. program as well as the following:  Open Academy of Theology (for churches) that includes the School of Apologetics and School of Biblical Languages, Academy of Third Age (for seniors),  and special conferences, lectures, debates, workshops, training courses and concerts. Such new forms, contextualized for the 21st century, are needed in Poland and throughout Europe.

October 2015

There was a transition from Open Academy of Theology (OAT) to the Institute of Church Development (ICD), which offers training to pastors, current or potential church leaders, and church planters. Some of the church leaders include EST graduates. The vision of ICD is the preparation of another Polish generation that is energized and equipped to fulfill their potential through ministry in local churches. The growth and development of the Polish evangelical church is an important priority for the EST Educational Center.


Easter 2018

We rejoice in the celebration of God’s love for us through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The School of Speakers and the School of Worship Have Started

At the beginning of February, the Institute of Church Development began the implementation of two projects. The School of Speakers and the II edition of the School of Worship gathered participants from various cities of Lower Silesia, representing several churches.

Wroclaw Rectors Debate about Freedom During the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

On Monday, January 29, the EWST Educational Center held a conversation/debate about freedom, with the participation of the rectors of three Wroclaw universities – the Evangelical School of Theology (EWST), the University of Wrocław (UW), and the Pontifical Faculty of Theology (PFT).

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