Jonathan Edwards Center

Jonathan Edwards (1703 – 1758) was an American revivalist preacher, theologian and philosopher, and shaped evangelicalism in the US and worldwide. His works are enjoying a renewed popularity among theological scholars today. In 2009, EST signed an agreement with the Jonathan Edwards Center of Yale University in the US, which allows the EST library to host the Jonathan Edwards Center for Poland. In 2011, EST hosted an international conference on Jonathan Edwards.

The EST library is working on developing a collection of Edwards’s works and secondary literature about him. As part of the EST publication Theologica Wratislaviensia there are a series of monographs includes a volume entitled, Jonathan Edwards. Selected Writings, which is a Polish translation of an anthology of texts and writings by Edwards, representative of his diverse literary work. This selection of his writings is a precedent on Polish soil.


Anniversary of John Hus death

We commemorate today the anniversary of John Hus death at the Council of Constance in 1415.

The Concept of Universal Salvation Apokatastasis in the Thought of Friedrich Schleiermacher. An Outline

The article analyzes the concept of universal scope of salvation in the thought of Friedrich Schleiermacher especially with the references to his early Speeches on Religion and the later treatise The Christian Faith. It moves from Schleiermacher’s understanding of religion per se to his soteriological and eschatological theories.

After Ten Years: The Jonathan Edwards Center Poland – Past, Present and Future

October 2019 marked the tenth anniversary of the inauguration of the Jonathan Edwards Center–Poland. Looking back, the establishment of JEC-Poland in partnership with JECYale gave new impetus and direction to its host institution in Poland, the Evangelical School of Theology (EST).

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